Why Us?

Every day there are more options for live streaming available, but understanding what is right for you can be overwhelming. Certain platforms are great for brands and businesses looking to get involved with live stream and on-demand video content, however they are not viable solutions for scale, growth, and management.

The Facts

While ease of use is a major drawcard, you are still left to your own devices which can be restrictive and damaging to your business or brand. So don’t be fooled – without dedicated technical support and production know-how, you are at high risk of failure when you encounter a problem and are alone trying to solve it in real-time.

When you stream across multiple platforms you will require more cameras, which creates much more worka less than ideal situation for your on-screen talent and audience. The majority of platforms out there are also loaded with adverts, pre-roll advertising, and other branding. This is limiting when you have paying sponsors or when you are doing a product launch.

Be aware of copyright issues. You may assume that the content you create is owned by you – but it’s not. If you stream to certain platforms, those companies own your videos. In addition to owning your content, they can also monetize it. We ensure you have ownership of your material. You remove it when you want to and you manage it.

The Solution

With Iventz you have a complete white-label solution. You can create a custom brand experience for your sponsors & audience by keeping it distraction-free. We have created a uniquely flexible offering with great value to match.

Our professional production team will take care of your requirements from concept to creation. Utilizing the highest broadcast standards and the latest technology we exhibit to your audience in ways that have never been seen before. Finally marketing your event properly is key to getting an audience. Without this, you can’t monetize your stream and fulfill your commitments to sponsors or advertisers.

Iventz gives audiences the perception that it is a ‘one off’ exhibition and the viewer will feel more compelled to share it with their network. With Iventz you can achieve the same professional effect as post-produced video content. What’s more, you can repurpose this to maximize revenue and use it over and over with an on-demand solution.

We offer interactive engagement through comments, chat functions, and innovative interactive tools. This allows you to get up close and communicate with the performer or presenter. Our exhibitions strengthen the connection between a viewer, company, brand, or performer because it is immediate and ever-changing and makes it unpredictable in a really exciting way.

Simply put, would you risk cutting your own hair? Or leave it to a professional.

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