Frequently Asked Questions

Iventz is a virtual events platform that offers an end-to-end agile solution. Each of our services is independent of each other yet they greatly complement one another. Please browse our Q&A list. We hope that we have your queries covered. If we missed a few, please get in touch and we will gladly assist.

Are there recordings available after the event?

Yes your live stream is recorded so you can use the video at a later stage with a VOD and on-demand solution.

Is iventz available in my country ?

Yes, you can use our platform anywhere in the world.

Does iventz offer discounts to certain organizations?

There isn’t a special rate for non-profits, schools, religious entities, or other organizations. Discounts are available through larger plan commitments.

If your organization has special streaming needs, we invite you to contact us to learn more about custom-priced plans.

My event requires ticket sales?

How many participants can I include in my event?

Any event can be customized to suit your needs, meaning as many or as few participants can be included. We also have the ability to scale up on the fly, with zero latency to your audience.

Where do virtual events take place?

Virtual events take place completely online via the iventz platform.

When will the event or stream go live and become available?

Once you have purchased a ticket for a live stream, the live streaming button will become available immediately, however, the live stream will only start at the allocated time/date stipulated on the ticket. The screen will show the date and time and a countdown to when the event will begin.

Can I add my own sponsorship logos?

Yes! Our White-label platform gives you the ability to fully customize your event.

What branding options do i have? Can i include my own branding?

Yes! Our White-label platform gives you the ability to fully customize your event both on the event platform and in-stream.

the platform is fully customizable. You can include your branding in terms of colors, logos, and text. There are various options available for display ads, sponsors etc.

How long can i run my event for ?

We have flexible package options, which allows you to determine the duration. You can host a one-off event or have recurring events. Get in touch with us to see which option is suitable for you, or customize your own.

Will I have support to ensure my event runs smoothly?

Yes, every live stream event has the full support of our team.

How do I let people know about my upcoming event?

Our digital marketing team can assist you in creating a targeted campaign that speaks directly to your audience. They are experts in leveraging social media and will get the word out there.

What devices are compatible?

You can log into the event from any compatible supported operating system device (Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, Smartphone, or smart TV) using the supported web or mobile browser.

Is my event secure?

We follow strict security protocols ensuring that your content is safe, and your event attendees are by invitation only.

My event is invite only?


1) Design your registration form

2) Set up a RSVP template and you can send out an invitation to your guests

3) Setup a confirmation email template so that your guests will receive confirmation emails manually or automatically after they submit the registration form.  (Please turn on “RSVP Confirmation” if you want our system to send confirmation to your guests automatically)

Which web browsers do you support?

Google Chrome 45+, Mozilla Firefox 49+, Safari 10+, Microsoft Edge 15+.

Do i require any software to view or host an event?

No, a virtual event is streamed through a browser

Can i integrate closed captions & subtitles ?

Yes, iventz has both these features avaiable for your live stream.

Can i rewind during the live stream?

Although you cannot rewind while the show is happening, you can fast-forward and rewind once the show is over and the stream becomes on-demand.

Can I watch the livestream on my TV?

  • Yes, if your TV has a web browser app or if you are using a product like Apple TV or Chromecast that also has a web app. In all cases, you simply need to use a browser, navigate to the stream page, sign in, and press play as you normally would.
  1. Chromecast instructions:
  2. Apple TV instructions:
    • https://discussions.apple.com/thread/250686028
    • (use Safari, the Apple TV share will be on the player)
    • Casting will be available once the show starts. Please see our list of supported devices if you continue to have trouble. Please note that iOS devices cannot Cast directly from the web browser to Chromecast. Airplay is only available on certain devices. You can check system requirements here: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT204289

How will attendees access the event?

Attendees will access your event through a unique platform created specifically for your event. Once on the platform, they can log in or purchase a ticket to your event, depending on how your page has been set up.

What internet connection do you recommend?

We recommend a wired connection or a strong wi-fi/mobile connectivity with a download speed of at least 5 -10Mbps. To test your speed, go to www.speedtest.net. Bandwidth fluctuates constantly (especially on Wi-Fi and mobile internet), so running multiple tests is recommended.

Can i use a Bluetooth headset?

Yes, as long as the Bluetooth device is compatible with the computer you are using, the platform supports it as an accessory.

How much is it to create an event?

The cost will be determined by what your requirements are. We can add or remove any features for your event so that it runs exactly how you would like it to run. Therefore the price structure is flexible according to your budget or event size. We have various pre-packaged options available.

Can I claim vat back for my company?

Absolutely! Include your company VAT details, and we can include it in your invoice.

Who is a panelist or speaker?

A panelist/speaker is a person who presents and/or answers questions assigned to him or her during an online event session. The panelist has been given controls such as the ability to share screens and push a poll.

Who is an attendee?

An attendee is any person who can view the presenter’s screen but cannot interject the speaker or panelist. He/She can answer polls, ask questions, do 1:1 and session chat from the session screen Attendees need to have signed up on the virtual event link to participate in online events.

Why should i choose iventz over a free platform?

While ease of use is a major drawcard for free platforms, you are still left to your own devices which can be restrictive and damaging to your business or brand.

Without dedicated technical support and production know-how, you are at high risk of failure when you encounter a problem and alone trying to solve it in real-time.

What makes iventz different to other platforms?

With iventz you have a complete white-label solution. You can create a custom brand experience for your sponsors & audience keeping it distraction-free.

We can also assist you in production, exhibition, and marketing whilst other platforms are very limited.

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