Our Story

At the start of 2020, our team in the post-production & digital space was looking to diversify its service offering. We were also in need of a custom tool that could assist us in our operations. After trying many types of platforms and services we discovered that none of them could provide us with everything we needed.

The Covid -19 pandemic then hit the world and our timing could not have been more perfect. With the future of the events and entertainment industry in serious jeopardy, we realized that we could adapt and further develop our product to support and help the industry.

The challenge was to adapt and create a versatile online platform that could best replicate the ‘live’ experience on a virtual stage. The next step was to develop this further so we introduced interactive tools which gave the user a completely new and dynamic virtual experience.

Bands, artists, and the likes now had a solid platform that had saved their livelihood. We could now see that our product could be utilized across many different types of industry.

Education was a natural fit, as home schooling and tertiary education needed to shift online. Our platform was agile and flexible enough to provide this. We knew that we had a product and service offering that was unique.

In short, we are a virtual online venue. We host and deliver online video content and offer customized solutions for on-demand and live streams.

Our talented team shows you how to host a launch, event, or conference, streamed to any-size audience anywhere on the globe. White-label streaming gives you the freedom to do what you choose.

Get in touch with us today. We can assist you to attain your goals.

The future of events is here!

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Our Team

Anthony Yew

Managing Director

Anthony Mearns


Bronwyn Williams


Paul Niemandt


Our Timeline

We are so proud of what we have achieved in the past year but the best is yet to come.

2021/Q2 – Public Launch

Having implemented final tweaks and adjustments and painstaking hours of refinement. We are proud to announce the launch of iventz virtual events platform – Coming soon.

2021/Q1 – 2ND PHASE TESTING & Refinement

Through market research and conducting trials with our friends in the industry, we identify additional services and needs of others and go into further development on the platform. We continue tests with additional development and improvements. We conduct multiple demo events to ensure we are ready to launch the platform to ensure it is stable and commercially viable.

2020/Q3+Q4 – 1st Phase Testing & Development

Our platform is coming together, we continue to conduct tests internally to ensure all features are operational and determine what needs improvement. The reality of the Covid 19 pandemic hits home, and we realize that we have created a product that is unique, flexible, and versatile enough for use in many different types of industry. We set out to see how we can assist others in the events, entertainment, and education industries.  

2020/Q1+Q2 – Concept + Research & Development

Our team was looking to diversify its offering and was in need of a platform that could assist us. After testing and doing trials on many products out there, we realize that they do not have the features or service level we require. Our team gets to work on conceptualizing a new product and service offering, followed by the first phases of development.