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Our Packages

Iventz follows a ‘one size does not fit all’ approach when it comes to our pricing structure. We realize each virtual event is different and your requirements and funding models will be unique. Iventz therefore offers various options to suit and ensure your budget is manageable.

Once we receive your brief we will determine what your service requirements are.  We will then assist you to choose the right streaming package for your production, exhibition, and marketing. Iventz is flexible, so if you have another idea, please reach out and we will be happy to can discuss it further.

Viewers can purchase tickets through our integrated payment gateway and ticketing portal. This option is ideal if you are a performance artist or in the entertainment industry and are expecting a large audience attendance.

You can also set up pre-sale registrations which helps you track attendance. This is also a great way to create hype before your tickets officially go on sale.

The concern with most ticketing systems is that attendees will share login information with others and lead to ticket sharing. We have developed a gated system to prevent this from happening.

With this model, iventz takes a percentage of ticket sales, which is negotiable depending on the attendance.

Our rental model is designed with flexibility in mind. It offers you the opportunity to use only what you need.

Iventz offers short and long-term packages both for live stream and on-demand.

You can rent our platform for a once-off fixed fee and only pay for what you use. Pay per hour, by day, by week, or monthly.

We offer short and long-term monthly packages both for live stream and on-demand.

Content that is broadcast live can be very attractive to viewers. The more people you have watching at the same time leads to better social conversation and hype.

Our white-label solution gives you the ability to design and brand your event as you wish. Combined with instream advertising is the ideal sponsorship opportunity for any business or brand and the best way to monetize your stream.

You have the freedom to structure an advertising deal with your sponsors and do what works for you and them. An ideal opportunity for both as they will get brand exposure and you are able to cashflow your event.

We simply take a rental fee for the use of our platform.

Split payments allow you to split ticket revenue between you and iventz. This happens at the time of the ticket purchase where you will receive a fee or portion on the sales and the rest will come to us.

With split revenue, the ticket sales are divided automatically and is a great option if you have little to now budget.

Iventz has structured a model which is an alternative method of trading where we would be open to the exchange of goods or services.

We would be happy to consider structuring such a barter deal with any company or organization in exchange for our products and services if it is something we require or could be of use to us.

Chat to us about what you or your business does. Perhaps we can strike a deal.

Iventz prides itself on trying to assist where we can. We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to get their content out there. We understand that every virtual event has different requirements which is why we can structure a pricing package that works for you.

Mix and match from a combination of the packages we have already put together or let us know what you have in mind.

We can tailor-make a cost solution that suits your budget and virtual event needs.