5 tips to successful virtual eventing

5 tips to successful virtual eventing

The devil is in the details, so it’s important to consider all aspects of planning and producing a successful event online.

Iventz can assist with the planning, production and marketing of your event. But here are a few things to consider before going ahead:

Tip #1: Planning

Understanding the purpose of your event and who your audience will be is essential to planning your event. Ask yourself questions like:

  • How many people will be attending my event?
  • Does my event need to be live or on-demand?
  • Will there be free registration, ticket sales, or a subscription-based fee structure?
  • Are you planning to get sponsorship?
  • Would you like to obtain user data during your event?
  • How do you plan on informing your attendees about the event?
  • What is the optimal time for your event?

Iventz can assist you in finding the right solution, and creating a personalised platform that will include all of the features you would like. 

Tip #2: Encourage participants to interact

Creating a conversation around your brand/event will ensure it is memorable.

Consider including incentives for attending the whole event, surveys, live questions and answer sessions, meeting rooms where attendees can meet other like-minded individuals.

Tip #3: Keep it short and sweet

While we would like to make the event noteworthy, dragging the event out will disengage your audience. Ensure your speakers are briefed properly in advance and know how long they should speak for. Iventz can help ensure that the shift from one speaker to the next is fast and seamless, keeping the attention of your audience throughout your event. Consider your audience’s busy schedule, and by keeping it short and to the point, your audience will feel they have gained from attending rather than lost valuable time.

Tip #4: Safety first

Ensuring the audience you want to attend is of utmost importance. Iventz can ensure that your event is secure and by appointing a dedicated moderator to ensure all commenting is suitable and steer conversations in a proactive manner. Creating a safe space for interaction and audience involvement assists in the overall succes of your online event.

Tip #5 Promotion is key

Success also relies on ensuring the right people know about your event, and are reminded to attend. Marketing of an online event is as important as the marketing of an online event. Iventz can assist of the marketing of your event on social media. 

Successful marketing begins with: 

  • Promoting your talented speakers, and the incentives for attending your event. 
  • Creating eye-catching creatives that you can place on social media, whatsapp messages or email.
  • Using influencer marketing 
  • Utilizing keywords and SEO’s.

Online events are no longer the boring, sad old events that were born at the start of the pandemic. They have become dynamic, interactive, and fun to attend. Online events now assist those to attend overseas events at a fraction of the cost, and as a result, the world is opening up making it possible for anyone to attend.

Make the leap, and contact us to create your first online event.

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